Learn How To Find The Right Online Learning Specialist
For Your Child

Length of Course:
Part 1:  5 mins 48 secs
Part 2:  9 mins 9 secs
Part 3:  20 mins 50 secs
Part 4:  15 mins 23 secs 


You no longer have to worry about finding the right tutoring/academic support services for your child. The whole world is available to help your student! Join us to learn how.

Dr. Erica Warren and Dr. Michael Hart are now offering a 4-PART course that provides you with the map you need to successfully match your child with the right online tutoring/academic support professional.

Lack of skilled learning specialists in our communities has been a huge source of pain for many families. Now, with all the new online tools, students can receive high quality, multisensory instruction and remediation anywhere, anytime! It’s happening now!

Eighty percent of the parents we surveyed were interested in online tutoring services...Twenty percent of those we surveyed had already tried it...many with great results.

But how do you find the right person? Join us to find out!
In this course, you will learn:

➤ The benefits of online instruction and remediation

➤ The types of key professionals that support students through online platforms

➤ How to find the best person to work with your child

➤ 14 best questions to ask when you interview prospective online candidates

➤ What online instruction and remediation sessions should look like - including a video demonstration with Dr. Warren


Erica Warren, Ed.D.
Erica is a learning specialist, educational therapist, and author with 18 years of experience conducting teacher training, creating multisensory educational materials, and working with students one-on-one. Dr. Warren is much like a “personal trainer for the brain,” and she has a specific expertise in dyslexia and executive functioning issues. She doesn’t have a program. instead, Dr. Warren creates a unique, multisensory plan for each learner designed to maximize potential and remediate areas of weaknesses. Guidance with assistive technology and online resources also helps Dr. Warren’s students quickly gain accessibility and develop compensatory strategies. What’s more, Dr. Warren offers advice and instruction with learning games that ignite joyful learning, mindful and critical thinking, strengthening of cognitive weaknesses as well as remedial reading, writing and math methods. She writes a weekly blog, produces podcasts, has a youtube channel and is active on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
About Michael Hart, Ph. D.

Michael Hart, Ph.D. trained as a psychologist and served in a clinical capacity for many years. Currently, he is the founder/owner of and provides webinars, online courses and onsite presentations/training for parents, educators and specialists regarding the proper educational care of our dyslexic students.

Michael is also the co-chair of the UNESCO MGIEP advisory committee for a large-scale literacy development project in India.  The Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) was established by the Government of India. MGIEP is an integral part of UNESCO and the organization’s specialist institute on education for peace and sustainable development to foster global citizenship.

In addition, Dr. Hart also serves as a subject matter expert for, one of the largest repositories of information about learning disabilities in the world.

Prior to his current role, Dr. Hart served as a clinical psychologist, educational administrator and expert witness for learning disabled students in various settings including pediatric inpatient psychiatry, outpatient psychiatry, private practice and K-12 school settings. During his practice, he administered the full spectrum of psychological tests, behavioral assessment tools, affective inventories, projective tests, academic achievement tests and behavioral interviews.  His experience spans from infants to adults and he has conducted approximately 1000 evaluations.